My Immigration Reform Solidarity T-Shirts

Posted in Uncategorized by Sean Holton on June 6, 2010


   I got some questions and nice comments about the “Grandson of an Immigrant” T-Shirt that I was wearing the day I came home from the hospital after brain surgery. It’s just of one of many T-shirts I designed myself and that are available online at my Cafe Press Shop.

This is a series of T-shirts enabling Americans of all backgrounds who support comprehensive immigration reform to show solidarity. There’s a shirt here for everyone: Choose a front that suits you best, whether you’re an immigrant, descendant of recent or long-ago immigrants, African-American, Puerto Rican or Native American. My grandparents immigrated from Ireland, which is why I have the “Grandson” one for myself. The shirt fronts are customized with the message that best suits your situation and the shirt backs all carry the same message: “I Support Immigration Reform” surrounding an American flag.  

These are ideal T-shirts for diverse groups participating in immigration reform rallies. The regular versions have the customized message on the front with the flag on the back. Economy versions are basic Tees printed on front side only, with message and flag, and a blank back.

See all the designs on all the shirts at this link where they’re available for purchase  in all sizes from $9.99 to $18.99. By the way, since Cafe Press actually buys the blank shirts and prints the designs on them, they set the basic prices and get most of the money. As the designer, I just make a dollar per shirt:


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